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Upon retirement, the title was vacated and Dumas again fought her way to the title on November 5, 2006.Two weeks later, she announced her retirement match, a bout which she lost to Mickie James.Amy talked about the bitter end of her relationship with Matt in this interview.Next, she dated or at least had a short-lived fling with pro-wrestler Edge; this didn’t last long at all as it ended without an explanation in 2006 immediately following her retirement from the WWE.

After joining Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1999, she trained under Dory Funk, Jr.

and was the only female student in his class at the time.

After being impressed by her wrestling style, courtesy of a video footage sent over by Dory, the WWF came calling and signed her to a developmental contract in November 1999.

She made the decision to become a professional wrestler after watching Rey Mysterio Jr. In 1998, she started learning to wrestle under the likes of Ricky Santana and Kevin Quinn.

After her training was complete, she wrestled in various independent and lower tier wrestling promotions.

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Amy Dumas won her second Women’s Championship against Trish Stratus on December 6, 2004.

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