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The relationship between the date when 50% of the corn area in the state had been planted and yield that year are summarized in the graph on page 7.For the purposes of this article, to fix a 50% planted date, I extrapolated between the NASS reporting dates when there was less than 50% planted and when there was more than 50% planted.

Last week in my Crop and Pest Report, I discussed the effect of late planting on spring wheat yield.Because corn is a warm season crop, it will not grow when temperatures are below 50 degrees, so when soil temperatures remain below 50 degrees after planting there is little growth regardless of the calendar date.When planting is delayed beyond the middle of May, the risk of the crop being killed by frost in the fall before it reaches physiological maturity increases, as does the chance that the grain will be wet, difficult to handle, and expensive to dry. Franzen’s article this week provides information on the type of losses that can occur as corn planting is delayed.Substantial progress in wheat planting was achieved this past week (from 3% to 20%), nevertheless the area planted is still significantly less than last year and the five year average.Hopefully the weather will allow for continued progress in planting this coming week.

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