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YOU, AND NOT WE, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING ANY AMOUNTS BILLED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD BY A THIRD PARTY, WHICH WERE NOT AUTHORIZED BY YOU.we cannot ensure the security or privacy of information you provide through the telephone system and your voice messages, and you release us from any and all liability in connection with the use of such information by other parties; we are not responsible for, and cannot control, the use by others of any information which you provide to them and you should use caution in selecting the personal information you provide to others through the Service; and we cannot assume any responsibility for the content of messages sent by other users of the Service, and you release us from any and all liability in connection with the contents of any communications you may receive from other users.Time may not be transferred from one member of the Service to another member.

In order to purchase Minutes, Full Members may place an order via a 1-900 telephone number, pay cash or by credit card in accordance with our pricing policy for Blocks of Time as stated on the Service from time to time.If your usage of the Service is terminated because of a breach of this Agreement or if it is terminated for any reason, any unused Minutes is automatically and immediately forfeited. Any unused Minutes will remain credited to your account but will not be refunded if unused, even if you are no longer using the Service.Minutes will only be credited to the account of the Full Member purchasing the Time, and to no one else.We also reserve the right to change the method or manner in which we charge members for Blocks of Time, or the method of payment which is acceptable to us, at our sole discretion.Once we have confirmed receipt of your payment, we will credit your account with the Block of Time purchased.

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