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Girls love guys who have self worth and not ones who jump up whenever they (the girls) says jump.The thing is this; if a girl sees you as just a friend then that is what you will remain - no matter what. This is exactly why after telling a girl who is a close friend of yours that you love her, she will either start avoiding you or she will start becoming uncomfortable around you - she would RARELY agree that she feels the same way (because she doesn't).Now Grandma already declined to give him money, but my uncle has a habit of getting what ever he wants from his "Ma Ma".When she told him no over the phone, he threw an adult tantrum and gave her an ultimatum, she either gives him the money or he'll sell "his" truck to get the money. So what I'm asking for here is any ammunition I can present to both parties that may open their eyes to the fact that this is a scam.If you have any questions, you can post here and have your question answered by people who are knowledgeable about all types of scams.

So he’ll threaten her house, pension, all because she gave him this money once. I’d also have her talk to local detectives, maybe call the local police nonemergency line and have them explain the scam to her so her son didn’t exploit her financially.

So the right way to tease a girl is to always to make fun of her with a smile.

it doesn't mean saying nasty things to her; the right way to tease is to always make it seem like you are playing around with your little sister.

If you want a girl to see you as a boyfriend material then you have to start from the onset to give her boyfriend signals, not by telling her how you feel about her.

When you talk to her in this way she would Let me give you some real life example: For instance; assuming you are having some discussion with a girl and she says something you don't agree with, you could say something like: "see eh, if you say something like that again i will bite your lips for you" (In her head, this registers as a sexual tease and it triggers her imagination a bit - if you say it with the right voice tone it would be electric)Sure enough, if she doesn't already like you she might not imagine much of the sexual meaning of what you've just said, but when you keep giving her loads and loads of bedroom talks in the right way, it will start to have effect on her.

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Also you could be walking with a girl then you can turn and go like; "hey, stop checking out my hips joor, i'm not even up to 18 and you are looking at me that way" (Try this and watch her laugh her head off, hit you and then say: "go joor")Doing this the wrong way could backfire and make you look like a pervert - that's where my e-book comes in; in it i explained the step by step way to use this strategy so that girls will become madly sexually attracted to you.

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