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Niall's emblematic trait is his ginger-brown (now bleached blonde) hair - as of June 2019 almost white colored hair, which many have joked around saying he looks as if he were "a cute little lesbian".Niall's commentary videos started off mostly having gameplay of first-person shooters in the background, notably CS: GO or Overwatch.Though there had been many Keemstar rants prior to this, Niall's was seemingly the first to conclude the Keemstar feud on You Tube.Keem had a decline in views after Niall's video was published.He currently refers to his viewer base as the "Bruh Army," a dig at Pew Die Pie's Bro Army.Most of his descriptions would even contain an ASCII Drawing of the Brofist, something Pew Die Pie originally had in his descriptions during the early days of his career.Despite all of the drama, Niall and Leafy remained friends and appeared on Drama Alert with a playground insult match.However, a video later made by Hey Watch Your Mouth, a friend of Niall, claimed that Leafy secretly hates Niall and believes he copied his style.

On October 30, 2015, a video was released on Niall's channel titled "IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO", a commentary-style video which was a noticeable deviation from the montage parody content.Both Keemstar and Niall have had bad blood since April 2016.On April 9, 2016, Niall made a video titled, "KEEMSTAR RANT", in which he suggested that Keem should have verbally added a disclaimer on the Toby Turner rape controversy, as they were just allegations.From then on, only one other montage parody video was released on his channel titled "SHREK HAS SWAG 2".This was a commentary video, although the actual montage parody was not the bulk of the video and it was short compared to his previous montage parodies.

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