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Here is the code: Creating the dummy text box and the custom validation control: // add dummy text box just for passing to validation function Text Box txt Dummy = new Text Box(); txt Dummy.

in one of my form it is not compulsory to fill empid and recdvia...empid is a textboxand recdvia is a radiobuttonlistso for user thes two field are not compulsory but if the user is entering empid and he/she must hav to select recdvia so i want to give validation on recdvia if the user is entering empid then he has to select the recdvia if he/she not selecting then vl prompt message that please select recdvia.......Then you have to select at least 4 features of the mobile phone.After that you have to select the camera resolution from the third multiple select check box.The problem was that I needed a way to know which control to validate. Error Message = "You must select at least one value! Server Validate = new Server Validate Event Handler(Validate Checkbox); val Check. These checkbox lists are created dynamically at runtime. Add(txt Dummy); // add custom validation control Custom Validator val Check = new Custom Validator(); val Check.

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