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), better known online as Gassy Mexican is a well-known You Tube Let's Play commentator and Machinima Director.

He was formerly a member of the group of Machinima directors and commentators known as 'The Creatures' along with others such as Kootra, Uber Haxor Nova and Sly Fox Hound, to name but a few.

Kootra created a video on The Creature Hub detailing the reasons.

His removal has begun a fight between his viewers and The Creatures.

The Creatures owned a small mansion in Denver, Colorado, from which they record their gameplay shenanigans and upload them to their You Tube channels.

After kicking Max from the group the creatures moved to a new home.

Adam previously worked for Machinima Respawn in Los Angeles with fellow Youtubers such as Hutch, Mr. My Name is Sea Nanners", "The Joy of Gaming" and other shows such as "Respawn Inbox" and vlogs on Respawn with fellow directors, Mr. Soon after Hutch left his job at Machinima, for his own personal reasons, Adam did the same, with Mr. Adam often games with other well-known "Let's Play" You Tubers, such as Gassy Mexican, Captain Sparklez, Ohmwrecker, Chilled Chaos, Mr Sark, Gold Glove TV, The RPGMinx, and others.

"Sea Nanners" was originally his Xbox Live gamertag.

Many people often believe the occasional rumor that Cathy and Adam are married, even though Adam has stated that they are not. He had many shows on Machinima Respawn, such as "Hello Everyone!

His current format is to upload a highlights reel of his recent gaming session (usually in Sea Nanners suddenly went on hiatus for unknown reasons.

When asked by a friend while they were playing together, he claimed that he, at least temporarily, has moved on from his Youtube career and is currently investing in real estate.

), better known online as Seananners or simply Nanners, is a gameplay commentator on You Tube.

In the past, he mainly commentated over Call of Duty and played on Xbox 360, but he has recently made "the full switch" to PC gaming and has done a large assortment of smaller first person shooters, as well as Minecraft Let's Plays and assorted other games with his fellow You Tubers.

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