Ms project dependencies not updating

Task A’s successor is Task B and Task B’s successor is Task C.

Task C cannot link back to Task A as a successor task.

When the links are removed from the summary tasks the developers can move from one build to the next with minimal downtime.

Because of the links between the summary tasks there is a gap between section 1.1 and the developer's next task .

This article gives a step by step guide to creating custom filters including a filter to find linked summary tasks.

Practice Standard for Scheduling – Second Edition, 2011, Project Management Institute, Pennsylvania, pg 38.

You have probably already spotted that when summary tasks were used to link the modules in the example above, Developer's 1 and 2 had periods of down time.

The Resource Usage view below clearly shows the down time.

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Example “Project1.mpp\3”, which is task C of Project1.

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