Moroccan men dating black women

The second concerns the Black peoples of the South.

They are concentrated in oases entirely populated by Black Africans and are yet to mix with Berbers or Arabs.

In Morocco, and north Africa, there is a serious problem of racism towards Black people.

Called “Black Africans,” they are considered descendants of slaves and labeled “hartani”—literally, “second-rate free men”—or even worse, “azi”—which translates to “bloody Negro”.

“There are several categories of Blacks in Morocco.

The first includes the endogenous Black populations who are directly descended from slaves and are now mixed with the Moroccan population.

The second factor is due to cultural misunderstanding.

Moroccan media always show the negative aspects of Sub-Saharan Africa (AIDS, war…) and Moroccans end up frightened by us and thus reject us. It is very common to hear children and adults alike, call people ‘hartani’ (second-rate man) or ‘aazi’ (Negro).

It is extremely unusual, for example, for a Moroccan woman to marry a Black man, even if he is a Muslim. The only condition under which this might be ‘tolerated’ would be if the man didn’t have too obvious Black features.The underlying superiority complex dates back to Antiquity.At that time, there were thousands of Black slaves in Morocco.The problem is that certain parts of the interviews were censored, especially those parts where there were complaints. “For the most part, we do not make the effort to explain the attitude of certain Moroccans.We discuss the cases of assault in the streets among ourselves, but that’s about it. In general, at the end of their studies, Black students return to their home countries. In my opinion, certain factors need to be considered. Black Muslims are less persecuted than Black Christians or animists.

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People worry about what their family or friends would think.

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