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We focus on this document not because we enjoy writing letter after letter, but because it is critical to the fight against ALS.Without it, we find ourselves handicapped by antiquated trial designs—designs that hinder the development of creative approaches to testing novel compounds and slow the development of critical, disease-altering therapeutics. If I’m having a tough time hitting notes — I call it throwing junk pitches. If I’ve got to throw too much junk, I’m going to consider stopping. It’s funny: Sometimes I don’t think we did a good show and I’ll read a great review and go, “Was this guy at the same show? I talked to Sting and [Don] Henley: “Why are you still doing it? I was always trying to feel like there was a real progression in my work, and eventually I realized I was only going to be X good. You work so hard on your stuff and you want people to hear it. I keep getting, “He doesn’t challenge the audience enough.” Oh, they’re not challenged enough by paying 150 dollars for a ticket and wading through puke to find a seat? That is, the figure includes gigs he played prior to the start of his residency. It would be abhorrent to me to be up there faking it. “That’s what I do.” But I made a lifetime out of it when I thought maybe I’d have a couple years, so I’m not complaining. Like I said, I couldn’t be as good as I wanted to be. It couldn’t be throwaway Christmas shit like Elvis used to do. ” So your motivation to write new music was about external validation? It bothered other people: Randy Newman was underrated. The most important thing is giving the audience what they paid for. I’m thinking of that line in “Summer, Highland Falls”: “It’s either sadness or euphoria.”Maybe that’s how I felt that particular day. But if you talk to people who work with me, I think they’ll disagree with me being portrayed as a depressive. The 100 MSG shows total is derived from all the concerts Joel has given at the venue.The letter seeks to break the cycle of delay by requesting the FDA Commissioner publicly provide a firm date for the release of the guidance and a clear explanation of how the ALS community’s concerns will be addressed in the guidance.Below is the letter that I AM ALS hand-delivered on July 24th, 2019 to the FDA along with an additional petition calling on the FDA to approve pending ALS treatments as expeditiously as possible. And there’s bulletproof glass between me and the audience. So if Billy Joel ever walks out on stage and picks up a remote control …That’ll be it. And look, it’s one thing if you own your recordings. The record company owns all these recordings and can package them any way they want. The live crap and all these compilations — they don’t mean anything. When you were still writing pop songs, were you competitive with other songwriters? That early Americana feel he used had an impact on me. Given the lucrative nature of an artist like Joel’s catalogue, it certainly makes sense that a record company would fight hard to maintain its control. The stage is a living-room set: couch, TV, coffee table, food. The crowd after a couple minutes goes, “Fuck this,” and starts throwing shit at the glass. I wrote most of the songs that I’m doing when I was in my 20s and 30s and it ain’t easy to hit those notes in my 60s. ” Then we’ll do a great show and I’ll read a bad review and it’s So I stopped. Because of that I knew I was going to beat myself up for not being better. If it doesn’t get exposure — the nature of the album format is for that album to get disseminated and is “Famous Last Words.” I’d realized that if a song wasn’t a hit single it didn’t matter, and I didn’t want to go in that direction. Well, the record company dug in and got their battery of lawyers and we never got the stuff back. People wonder why there’ve been so many Billy Joel They’re not my idea. Someone like Randy Newman, for example, is fucking brilliant. “No, they need more challenging.” I don’t buy that. You don’t need to worry about any criticisms anymore. Thanks to a revision of copyright law that occurred in the late 1970s, musicians were granted “termination rights” that allowed them to regain control of their work after 35 years.

You get up there, you make a lot of noise, girls scream, and you get shitloads of money. You’ve said you’ll do the Garden residency until demand slows down or you start playing at a level you’re not happy with. So how much of your decision to stop recording was a fuck you to the music business? Certain composers only have so much productivity in them. Yeah, I’ll take out a CD and play Cream or Hendrix or Zeppelin. Paul Simon, too, with the folk elements in his music. , “now and then halting as he [Joel] tried to remember certain passages, was mostly prodigious and lush, evocative of familiar things. And he died in a bad way — he was ill for a long time. His father was rich, and the Nazis took it all away. I only ever had an upright piano before I started making some money with Then I got a nine-foot grand Steinway.The bearded and gnomic super-producer has a tradition of recording legacy stars in relatively spare settings in a naked, and often effective, attempt to reintroduce gravitas that may have gone missing.I’m looking at Axl like, And the other thing: Maybe if I had to play smaller places, it’d mean that’s how shitty I’d gotten. To do smaller rooms I’d have to scale down, and I don’t want to fire anybody right now. But right now I can specifically look to our leader and blame it on him. It used to be that the working man would have been a socialist-leaning Roosevelt voter. Liberty De Vitto played drums in Joel’s band from 1975 till 2005.Now Trump is where they look for relief, which I think is a mistake. I was told that he used to come to our shows and hang out backstage but I never saw him. In 2009, he sued Joel and Sony Music over royalty payments, claiming he was owed songwriting credits on a handful of Joel’s material. At his show on August 21, 2017, Joel sported a Star of David on his jacket.

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