Mennonite rules on dating

And of course, as with any religious sect, the women allegedly get the brunt of the deal.Women have to strictly adhere to a set of rules that stem straight from Biblical texts.As strange as these rules might seem, they are followed by the Amish female community with loving hearts and positive attitudes.Just another thing that might seem foreign to the modern lady.That’s right, buttons are considered a luxury for women.While some of you are gasping or laughing your head off, let’s first explore why.

Secular women are used to wearing tank tops, spaghetti straps, corsets, tube tops, and even bra tops.

Based on their beliefs and their Bible, we must look a lot like sinners despite our notions of feminism and freedom.

To keep themselves aligned with the purity of God, they must also keep their knees covered.

In many ways, going back to basics would be refreshing, but being so intertwined in our electronic cords and social media wires, it’s been a tough transition, to say the least.

While the Amish seem to have a simple way of existing on this planet, they do have harsh rules.

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Although one has to ask, why not go all the way down to the ground to avoid seduction of any sort. And Amish women are proud to wear their bare faces. According to Timothy II, women cannot adorn themselves.

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  1. The complexities of consent in the context of #Me Too—which Jessica Valenti put front and center—are also a factor. Whatever else this is, it’s certainly a historical change.