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Yet, LGBT Malaysians are often perceived as exercising ‘incorrect’ or ‘distorted’ agency.

This form of agency, as it is often believed, leads to ‘distorted’ forms of self-representation (the way in which one portrays oneself and relates to others) and self-determination (the way in which one takes charge of one’s own life).

Does every person not have the democratic right to express himself or herself freely, including LGBT people?

Would it not be better to impose limits on freedom of expression to prevent anarchy and preserve national cohesiveness?

Then I thought of Pope Francis’ (as cited in Topping 2015) quip in relation to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris that freedom of expression has its limits, particularly if they trample on the religious sentiments of others. ‘Mak Nyahs (Male Transsexuals) in Malaysia: The Influence of Culture and Religion on Their Identity’.

censorship seeks to produce subjects according to explicit and implicit norms, and that the production of the subject has everything to do with the regulation of speech.

The subject’s production takes place not only through the regulation of that subject’s speech, but through the regulation of the social domain of speakable discourse (133).

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They speak over, at, on behalf of, and against them. The State continues to view the presence of LGBT Malaysians as a problematic ‘culture’ that needs to be confronted (Lazaroo 2016) or an illness that can be remedied (E. Teh 2013), rather than the presence of human diversity. LGBT’ Malaysians are not permitted into the police force on the sole reason of their gender and sexual identities, despite being qualified (Yiswaree 2016).

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