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Similarly, fake news media called Menendez sleeping with prostitutes “debunked” or false, even though it was verified as true by the FBI and Johnson obtained the evidence at great personal expense.

Rosario Dawson was spotted singing “I love you” to New Jersey Sen.

Got News editor-in-chief Charles Johnson revealed in 2013 Booker did not live in Newark or at any of the Newark residences he owned.

Multiple neighbors who spoke to Johnson said they believed the junior senator actually lived in New York, calling Booker a “liar” and a “fake mayor.” Fake news reporters smeared Johnson for years over his accurate reporting on both Booker and Menendez.

Booker, who has publicly mulled the possibility of a presidential run in 2020, would have a hard time explaining why he’s taken donations from a colleague who’s accused of bribery and other crimes. Cory Booker accepted ,000 in donations from the Bob Menendez-affiliated New Millennium PAC in 2014.“He literally almost ran me over when he was racing around the corner to get to the concession stand before the movie started,” a source told Page Six.Page Six reported Tuesday that the “Sin City” actress and Booker were spotted at the Broadway hit “Dear Evan Hansen,” a show about a teenager with social anxiety. — The old woman walked outside in her bathrobe and curlers to shout at the man who might be president.“Senator Booker! Cory Booker spun around and saw the woman standing on the stoop of her squat three-story apartment building.“Oh my gosh! And he’s a familiar face to anyone with a television. Walking through New Jersey with Booker means frequent encounters with his fans. ” shouted one passing driver.“Our next president right there! In the hallways of Capitol Hill and at the speeches he gives around the country, Booker is regularly urged to mount a White House bid. ” she exclaimed.“Just walking around the neighborhood,” said Booker. His bald head sits atop the agile, sturdy frame of a former college football player. “Keep on fighting Trump.”“Amen,” said Booker with a laugh.

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