Mandating dose error reduction

There are twelve members elected or appointed to the Congress.

Because we've built safety features like hard stops and monitoring throughout BD's infusion platform, medication errors and safety risks can be detected and addressed before they reach patients.

"Identify practice and issues impacting the nursing community which need to be addressed through education, policy, legislation or position statements." This is the responsibility of the MNA Congress on Nursing Practice recorded in the MNA bylaws.

The Congress on Nursing Practice is one of three structural groups of the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

BD Pyxis IV Prep The pharmacist-verified order is received.

BD Pyxis IV Prep uses barcoding technology to ensure the right drug is selected and uses gravimetric analysis to ensure the pharmacy technician is compounding the accurate dose. The EMR sends the infusion order parameters directly to the pump, automatically pre-populating it.

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