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It also explores how the Internet influences how we meet people and develop deep relationships.Finally, this module will examine social support and how this can help many through the hardest times and help make the best times even better.For example, seeing someone regularly on your daily bus commute to work or school may be all that’s necessary to spark a genuine friendship.[Image: Cheri Lucas Rowlands, Cc0Q, CC BY-SA 2.0, Us F] has been found to be a significant factor in the development of relationships.The importance of relationships has been examined by researchers for decades.Many researchers point to sociologist Émile Durkheim’s classic study of suicide and social ties (1951) as a starting point for this work.Friendship and love, and more broadly, the relationships that people cultivate in their lives, are some of the most valuable treasures a person can own.This module explores ways in which we try to understand how friendships form, what attracts one person to another, and how love develops.

Deb Levine (2000) argues that in terms of developing online relationships and attraction, functional distance refers to being at the same place at the same time in a virtual world (i.e., a chat room or Internet forum)—crossing virtual paths.

Durkheim argued that being socially connected is imperative to achieving personal well-being.

In fact, he argued that a person who has no close relationships is likely a person who is at risk for suicide.

Another way of thinking about it is that close relationships are the psychological equivalent of food and water; in other words, these relationships are necessary for survival.

Baumeister and Leary (1995) maintain that humans have basic needs and one of them is the need to belong; these needs are what makes us human and give a sense of purpose and identity to our lives (Brissette, Cohen, & Seeman, 2000; Ryff, 1989).

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