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Lisa then explains that the enquiry broke down when someone pointed out it could've been one of the Year 9's as they made their way to the stage or one of the late comers. The Double Dare Gang later agree their next dare is to get back at Year 9 Alec Jones after he tried to prevent Tom and Matt going to the toilet without paying.Tom presents the straws and it happens to be Lisa who drew the short straw.In the sports hut, Lisa, Cracker, Tom and Matt have all written a dare and forfeit on a piece of paper, which are then placed in an envelope.

At lunch, Lisa asks for more custard with her tart.

Matt notices how much custard Lisa has and she says she just likes it and Cracker offers his custard in exchange for her tart.

Cracker then tells Matt to come with him so Lisa can eat her custard and once they go, Lisa scoops the custard into a carrier bag.

Lisa advises him to leave it, but Tom is determined to think of something and arranges to meet at break.

Tom selected the short straw and selects a dare but Lisa asks to look at it as Tom picked his own dare by folding a corner down.

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In assembly, Matt gets out of his chair and sneaks under Lisa's to put a stink bomb on Mr Jones' chair.

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