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Another review of the same three trials plus a fourth came to the conclusion that vaccinating healthcare workers did not prevent any flu cases in patients, but it did show a moderate to low impact on decreased mortality from all causes and influenza-like-illnesses.

The notable difference between these two results was that the first analysis counted patients who tested positive for flu, while the second trial included all patients who looked like they had flu or “influenza-like-cases,” not just confirmed flu cases.

Rand Paul, a doctor, recently 'clarified' comments he made suggesting vaccines for kids should be a matter of parental choice.

Conversely, Rick Perry some years ago had to walk back his aggressive pro-vaccine stance, when he championed mandating HPV vaccines for young girls.

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You can let freedom of speech ring this Fourth of July.

Wearing surgical face masks is an effective way to prevent flu.If you are a libertarian who is suspicious of government, make a sign and protest. With flu season rapidly approaching, we are going to start seeing and hearing more and more advertisements to “get your flu shot! Most states do not require healthcare workers to get the flu vaccine, but a growing number of hospitals and health care facilities are mandating it as a requirement for employment.Would infants who have been denied the measles vaccine support this decision when they reach the age of understanding? Immunizations have saved millions of lives and are safer and more effective than nearly every drug that doctors prescribe.

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Many people don’t want to get the immunization because they say it doesn’t work, or because they got sick the last time they had it. It is argued that the flu vaccine is the best way to protect immunocompromised patients from getting the disease, therefore, if a healthcare worker refuses the vaccine, they could be causing harm and violating their ethical duty.

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