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If a tsunami is generated by a large earthquake far away - like off the northwest US coast (Cascadia Subduction Zone) you will have a decent amount of warning if an evacuation is needed.For these guys, I suggest subscribing to the USGS Earthquake Notification Service.Keep your wits about you and have a plan of where you would go should a tsunami occur and you will have a greater chance of making thru unscathed.If there is an earthquake a AM, there will be no local television news staff immediately available to craft a typical on-air news report of an imminent threat tsunami event.

They, along with a battery powered AM radio as well as news stations (do we all truly know them?

I recently moved to Venice from the east coast and my apartment is well within range of a tsunami, should one occur.

If an earthquake occurs and it is just a regular earthquake, it seems like it would be safer to just stay in my apartment building (probably.) But if a tsunami is coming, I will need to run inland for my life.

As those ripples spread out they cover more area but get weaker as their energy is dissipated over an ever increasing area.

Fukushima's geography had the opposite effect of collecting, condensing, and focussing that energy.

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