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He was brought up in Wyckoff, New Jersey, United States of America.Father (songwriter, musician and former minister at an Assemblies of God church, mother (former sign language teacher and singer), brother Nick, Kevin, and Frankie Jonas (singer of the rock boy band ‘Jonas Brothers’) created a perfect environment for Joe to be a successful singer in his coming future. After getting a golden opportunity to cast for La Bohème and forming own boy band Jonas Brothers, Joe and his brothers got an immense success of selling over 2 million copies of their second album ‘Eponymous’.HES not dating Miley hes still with Suzanna although he live across the country from her.Joe Jonas is an American singer who exhibits a perfect sample of a beautiful voice and earned enough name and fame as a member of boy band ‘Jonas Brothers’ in which his own siblings Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas were the other two members.His nationality is American and ethnicity is mixed(Italian, German, Cherokee, English, Irish, Scottish, and French-Canadian).Joe Jonas, born in a Christian family, is a son of Denise and Paul Kevin Jonas having his entire family involved in singing and for a reason gained the heights of popularity & stardom.

his last girlfriend is camile belle but they broke up.yeah she is dating one of them and that someone is nick Jonas well they were going out until Hannah Montana came and started going out with nick Jonas but Selena Gomez and nick Jonas still went out for some time Miley Cyrus still has feeling for Nick Jonas and he still has feeling for her too.Joe Jonas accidentally blurted out that Nick and Miley are back together again.With Joe Jonas, he was with Taylor Swift for a while, but in early October, they broke it off, with Joe saying she was moving to fast for…well, I'm pretty sure Nick Jonas (it's spelled J-O-N-A-S!

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In her song "Better than Revenge" (about Camilla Belle stealing Joe from her) she sings, "The story starts when it was hot and it was summer" & in "Last Kiss" she sings, "That July 9th/The beat of your heart/It jumps through your shirt/I can still feel your arms", which leads me to believe both songs have something to do with Joe.

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