Jimmy lin and ruby lin dating

On the first day at his new school he has the family chauffeur drop him off at school.

Crow not being able to stand that he no longer has control of school hires outside triad member Bull (Chin Ho) to teach Eagle a lesson.Nevertheless, cheers to the newly-weds, a power couple in their own right due to many successful years in the business especially Wallace Huo, whose popularity soared to greater heights after Journey of Flower.Ruby and Wallace first worked together in 2006 for the filming of Sound of Colors and again in 2011, when she hired him to star in Glamorous Imperial Concubine.All of the classmates become friends and the school is finally peaceful.The movie ends with all who were involve in the fight thinking they're in trouble with the school dean because of fighting with outsiders, but the school dean has decided to let it slide seeing how they were protecting the school.

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