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“Definitely I will be very interested to have Western audiences watching this, but Arabs would know the whole story and the background,” he said. If you know more about the culture, you will know everything about the story and what’s behind it, what’s the background.” Fouladkar knew that if he were making the film purely for a Western audience, he would have to spend more time on cultural exposition, as Western viewers will undoubtedly have many questions about the plot points.Yet he also wanted to make a film that had subtle meaning and depth for Muslim audiences.

But he is told that this is impossible, apart from a strange loophole—if his wife marries someone else (and she must consummate the marriage), she can divorce that other man and remarry Mokhtar for the fourth time.Years earlier, Loubna’s parents arranged her marriage after rejecting a proposal from the man she loved as a teen, a greengrocer named Abu Ahmed (Rodrigue Sleiman).Now an adult determined to follow her heart, Loubna undertakes a temporary marriage with her sweetheart, who is already legally married with children.“In art and cinema, we are using reality, the things that are weird in reality, and we play with them,” Fouladkar said. Everyone is expecting to see a movie where the man is looking for a second wife. Sometimes a woman feels she is so exhausted with work at home and work outside that she needs someone to help her.” Fouladkar is looking forward to the film being viewed by both Western and Middle Eastern, especially Lebanese, audiences.I wanted to change this, and now the woman is the one who is looking for a wife for her husband. But he notes that audiences will vary widely in how much context they bring to the film.

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