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As depressing as this period was in my life, I was clean – I didn’t do drugs.

When my career picked up a year later, things took a turn for the worst and I got introduced to drugs.

The 2018 Soul Train Awards will air on BET on Sunday, November 25 at 8pm/7pm CT. I just be a little hungrier than usual come late October…Now y’all got us in here arguing over baby names.

In addition to musical performances, celebrity presenters, and awards for categories including “Best New Artist,” “Album/Mixtape of the Year,” and “Song of the Year,” singer-songwriter Erykah Badu will be honored with the “Legend Award.”While Erykah Badu (47) has not officially gone public with a new relationship, recent Instagram posts have people speculating that she is dating. — Erykah Badoula (@fatbellybella) November 14, 2018An earlier Instagram photo, posted on September 7, is also assumed by her followers to be Butler.

I loved that feeling, and with cocaine one hit is enough to get you hooked… I never went out to find the drugs; they were always readily available through friends.

Fortunately, I could stay a few months with a friend’s relative in Hillbrow while I found my feet. Since then I’ve been in groups like Prophets of the City and Skeem.

Through another friend I met with the legendary producer and singer, Chicco Twala who introduced me to music producers Mandla Spikiri and Mdu Masilela. After being with Mdu and Mandla, I joined Ghetto Ruff Records, but things didn’t go my way, so I moved to 999 Records.

I had to go through all that to become the better person I am today.

Nothing in particular happened to make me stop the drugs.

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” She denied the rumor again, joking “I just be a little hungrier than usual come late October.” Badu is already a mother of three. At the time, Badu wrote of her relationship with Jones, “I got a second, I mean third, I mean “forf” time at LUV!

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