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He wakes up back at his apartment looking in the mirror (like Nadia! Nadia went home with Mike the night she died, and Mike is the same man who Beatrice was cheating on Alan with.More importantly, Alan and Nadia crossed paths on the night of their original deaths.Each pair walks to find by Horse (Brendan Sexton III), the homeless man in the park, and a joyous parade of people.

Every time she dies, she wakes up, back at her own birthday party, where she repeats the whole thing over again.

Nadia saw Alan drunk and struggling in the bodega before she was hit by a taxi and he jumped off his building.

But, as they start making these realizations, the reality around them starts falling apart.

That they've solved whatever existential puzzle they've been given.

As producer, director Leslye Headland told Polygon, this ending is supposed to be left up to interpretation: At the end of the season, we’re not like, “And now they’re immortal! Did they stop the loop, or were their minds just expanded a little bit more, and so now because they understand a little bit of what multidimensionality is, and the fact that we don’t have just one reality, does that mean anything to them? Because one side of the duo is enlightened and the other one isn’t, does that mean they’re destined for failure or does that mean they can come to the same kind of working together? What’s such a good thing not only about this show but about the state of present-day television is that it can be so many things.

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