Is nick lachey still dating vanessa minnillo

Gatecrasher also noted that he’s producing shows for MTV, and that sounds like a smart plan for the long-term.

If either of them is considering staying or leaving because of their career, it’s time to call it off.

He feels like she’s holding him back, careerwise.” Sure enough, Lachey’s career isn’t as hot as it used to be.“They sat in a corner table, exchanging kisses,” said one spy.“But something still wasn’t quite right.” [From Gatecrasher] Of course both of their reps denied that anything was wrong, because life is nothing but rainbows shooting out of unicorns’ asses in celebrity rep land. Lots of couples date that long without getting married, and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong about that.Newly engaged couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are among an elite group of couples who have MTV to thank in part for their relationship.Former "Total Request Live" host Minnillo and former boy-bander Lachey appeared together on the channel long before they began dating in 2006. Mini crush." Later, after Lachey finalized his divorce from pop princess and "Newlyweds" co-star Jessica Simpson, he and Minnillo went public as a couple.

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For example, the Black Eyed Peas Party before the superbowl.

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