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First-ever, Ed Westwick had a high-profile relationship with Jessica Szohr during 2008-2010.

It is rumored that Jessica cheated him so their relationship called off. After this breakup, he was bonded in a serious relationship with Jessica Serfaty.

There were only rumors regarding the relationship, but the information became apparent after they began uploading cozy photographs in social media.

The couple hasn’t still confirmed about the affair, but their Instagram pictures give a positive note.

However, the source close to Jessica dispelled the rumors and said that she spent her birthday with Ed.

After that, the actress was linked with a football player, Scotty Mcknight.

Similarly, she has a “know your limit” symbol written on her backside and cherub on her foot.

Along with her relationship, Jessica stays in headlines for her 22 tattoos which consist of her grandparents’ anniversary date.Her earnings from the photo shoots, brand endorsements, and other projects have also helped in strengthening her net worth.The quality of Jessica is likely to increase in the days to come due to her continuous works in the acting business.The couple initially chose to stay silent regarding the relationship, but later a close source revealed that the incentive for the split was Jessica’s intimacy with Marco Minuto.The source confided that Jessica openly flirted with Ed’s best friend Marco in her birthday and that caused the split.

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Jessica is an American actress, who is famous for the portrayal of Vanessa Abrams on The CW’s teen drama series ‘Gossip Girl,' Paula in the film ‘I Don’t know How She Does It’ and Marielena in ‘The Internship.

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