Invalidating stale software suspend images my boyfriend is dating me and another girl

This should give the VM at least enough time to render a few frames and eventually boot. * VBOX: Adjust the failsafe minimum CPU Usage value to 1. * boinccmd: check RPC replies for errors; show them.* VBOX: a value of 0 in means "no limit", so set it to 100 if it is 0. * VBOX: Break the modify VM phase into smaller chunks.

* Mac: update build instructions for GIT instead of SVN.

* client: fix bug in work fetch that prevented resource backoff. Work around a bug in wx Widgets 2.8.x which fails to call On Exit() when Windows is shut down, causing any changes to Manager settings to be lost. * VBOX: Disable USB support in virtual machines by default.

* client: fix bug in work fetch that caused infinite RPCs if all projects backed off. On Linux the currently signed-in user has to be added to the vboxusers group in order to handle bridging USB devices.

Reporting bugs on this forum or any project's forum isn't very productive as the developers simply do not have time to scour through all forums looking for posts with your bug reports in them.

While it may happen that we - other volunteers - forward your problem to them, history has shown it is quite difficult being the middle man in this when more information is needed from you.

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- Expect work failures, deadline misses and losing all your accumulated work in progress, or not getting credit for your work due to unknown and unforeseen circumstances.

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