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She was rude to everyone, but acted like an angel in front of teachers.

She literally would befriend someone just to argue with them the next day.

Ethel There was a girl in The Book Of Horses And Unicorns, and she is called Ethel, she has a unicorn too. My great grandmother’s name was Ethel, and she died two months ago, so please, show some respect for someone who just lost somebody named Ethel.

This one is off Scarlet and Ivy - Piper_Neal Kelly I think kelly is a really bad name I think of kelly, like kelly from the office.

Honey what you waiting for welcome to my candy store Heather is mean and heather from total drama is a mean girl My moms name is Heather she is super kind and really cares about you Sabrina A girl named Sabrina goes to my church and she is the MOST annoying and rude person I know. Sounds like the evil doll is bullying others but putting a curse on them!

So I agree I have a best friend named Sabrina and she's really nice, so I disagree! But then when I found out she was snobby and sassy, I stopped being friends with her. I'm glad she moved to a new school." No, I don't think it's a mean girl name. Annabelle is so sweet you guys are idiots this boy who likes me calls me annabelle Seriously people?

Tiffany Blake Wegerheiner is the ditzy airhead and one of the popular kids. Or so you thought as she is the really mean girl, even though she is popular. Hope Jane is not in here or my hole name will be mean.

She's a mix of Leni Loud, Sandy Olsson, Heather Mc Namara, Betty Cooper From Riverdale, Harmony Kendall and Brittany Wong with a touch of Karen Smith. She is Brittany's best friend and even though she is a snobby girly girl she is nicer than Brittany. Sabrina Turner is the dumb but sweet and level headed girly girl. She is beautiful enough to be a supermodel, enjoys singing and acting and is a part of the school's drama club. She is somehow Natalie's only friend because she is mean to everyone who isn't Natalie. I'm not a big fan of having 3 names it's just weird like seriously : Tara Jane Skylar ( what an awkward name )!

Just 'cause your name is on here, it doesn't mean everyone thinks you're mean; its most likely that no-one on here even knows you. Regina will forever remain the number one queen bee Taylor I love taylor swift I hate taylor from total drama the bratty brat brat The only Taylor I know is the singer, and she's one of the kindest celebrities I've ever seen! I have a friend name Taylor who os really kind Nope, Taylor Swift isn't a mean girl is she? Well, while dating that guy she was told by him not to talk to a specific guy because he likes her and all that. They broke up and I started talking to him as a friend. And she sees a post I made about him and comes reck at me saying he was cheating on her with me and stuff like that. There's a Libby in my school and she says she doesn't like me for no reason then she copies my work and she stares at me. And despite it being 10th, she's one of the nicest girls I know. - Tropicana Mariah Every Mariah I meet becomes one of my closest friends so I can't agree. She constantly harassed me for absolutely no reason, and she stole all my friends. I have a friend named Mariah she is an amazing person, but when I think of just the name Mariah it's self I think of a popular girl with a lot of friends.

We're just two introverted people who love video games and youtube. I think the name "Violet", sounds like the name of someone who is nice and calm. Lol Have u seen OTGW, Beatrice was kinda careless but not mean. Isabel I have two friends called Isabelle and Isobel and they are both super nice and funny! She can be mean if she don't like you or if you tempt her but apart from that this is totally right. I have a cousin called Isabel who is as sweet as pie and as right as rain. Every waking hour is spent making sure Regina George can stay in power. I know an alyssa she drives me up the wall Conni I have a friend names Connie and she is really nice and mean at the same time.

My name is Violet and I'm not ALWAYS nice but I'm usually calm. I know someone whose name is bridget and is so rude I try to be the bigger person and all is does is talk about others. I'm really close to Isabelle so I some think KT should be a mean girl name cause shes sensitive but not much Lol that's my name, but it's true that I have a major mean side. I think Isabella is a hands down mean girl name, but Isabel and Isabelle sound like that girl who gets so much attention though she doesn't need it, but deserves it anyways. If Regina is the sun, then I'm a disco ball.'Cause I'm just as bright and fun if you've had alcohol! She makes me cry every day and makes me so devastated I can't move but there are thousands of other nice girls called Connie. I know all the Connie girls in the world can be nice if they choose to be. Just because you had experiences with a few of these names doesn't mean the name is bad!

Ashley I have a girl that I went to school with that was names Ashley, we were friends but then she turned into my biggest bully for reasons I still don't know why...

She would constantly change her number/get texts apps to harass me no matter how many times I blocked her.

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You guys probably ran out of ideas because Annabelle would be the opposite of mean...:( Annabelle the doll gonna get you Maddy Yeah I agree. So, HELL YEA So id say maddison but maddison girls use the nick name maddy so it works out Sarah HECK YEAH!

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