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Domestic Violence Liaison Contact List 7-24-2019 Domestic Violence and the Workplace Poster Domestic Violence and the Workplace Brochure What is domestic violence?Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse in which one partner in an intimate relationship attempts to take power and control over another.Employees who are interested in supporting co-workers experiencing domestic violence can volunteer to become a Domestic Violence Liaison.The Department on the Status of Women will be offering two half-day trainings in the fall for persons who have been approved to be Domestic Violence Liaisons.Retaliation against persons who report concerns about consensual relationships is prohibited and constitutes a violation of this Policy.Anyone who has concerns, questions or complaints related to this Policy or its implementation should contact the Executive Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, the Director of the Office of Human Resources, or the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

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Integrity can be compromised when individuals evaluate the work or academic performance of other individuals with whom they have a consensual relationship.

The interest in the consensual relationship can impair the judgment required for the exercise of the institutional responsibility or authority.

Consensual relationships are prohibited when effective arrangements to remove the conflict and mitigate adverse effects on third parties cannot be made.

Sanctions for violation will be imposed in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement and OSU Policies and Standards.

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