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Andreas Kosmatopoulos places his Superspar M7 mast step 7 feet and 1/2 inch from the center of the centerboard bolt. Draw a scale with 5/8 inch increments on the tops of the partners to use with the vertical lines on the mast.

Morgan Reeser places his mast step maximum aft in his boat with a Superspar mast. Spreaders The length of the spreaders is measured from the side of the mast to the center of the shroud where it intersects the spreader. Number these marks with "0" being neutral and forward are positive numbers and aft are negative numbers.

The centerboard could be up as much as half way in huge breeze. The puller's position is balanced with the pre-bend to control the depth of the Mainsail.

Mast Step Place the mast step in the center to maximum aft in the boat per the class rules. Place a dark, vertical mark on both sides of the mast at the partners.

2003 – Matthew Bohnert, Executive Vice President of Operations, Capital One 2002 – Stephen Beebe, President and CEO, J. Mc Glynn, General Manager, Personal Laser Jet Division, Hewlett-Packard 1998 – Sandra Bennett-Bruce, CEO & President, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center 1997 – George Harad, CEO & President, Boise Cascade Corporation 1996 – Ed Dahlberg, CEO & President, St. Kostelec, Luana Lamkin, Sherrill Livingston, Laura Mc George, MD, Cynthia A. Rice, Kristin Ruffing, Roberta Russell, Heather Sabala, Laura Alvarez Schrag, Susie Schumacher, Laurie Spiegelberg, Denise M.

Centerboard Position The pivot bolt should be placed in the maximum aft and at the maximum lowest point per the class rules.

The bottom leading edge of the board should be 6 inches forward of perpendicular to the keel line, max down, up to 12 knots of wind.

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