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To go to Kim's fan page, search Kim Hyum Joong Official.

kim hyun joong because he has a better personality and jaejoong is too thin and kim hyun joong is not to fat or not to skinny he is the perfect guy you would like trust me i met him in person at the Hollywood bowl and my mom works as their make-up artist.

While thinking of those fans in their sorrow, I sang this song for them.

Jae Joong Joong find Kim Hyun Joong on Facebook, simply type Kim Hyun Joong Official into the search bar. It is not known whether Kim has a personal page but will only have the fan page available for the public.And he doesn’t think that woman must be good at cooking. And also he liked the girl who is younger than him or the same age as him.But in 2008, he appeared in the korean drama “We Got Married” and worked together with Hwangbo. Choi became pregnancy, he once intended to get married to her. If I promote myself in Japan, I thought that it would be nice to add factors which they feel familiar with as a J-POP. Japanese version is aimed easy and confortable for Japanese people.

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Hyun-joong has a big fan circle in Korea, China and Japan. But when the news about was reported, they were very shocked.

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