How long before dating

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power and trust me on this one, you just don’t want to blow it because first impressions can NOT be erased.

But you’re going to have to save that one for the movies because it just doesn’t happen in real life. For example, if you are drop dead gorgeous, you can pretty much call her whenever you want.

Kinda like testing the water temperature before you jump in.

Calm your nerves and slip your hand on top of hers.

Who would have ever thought there was an art to holding a girls hand?

Now that you’ve got this information in your back pocket, it’s time to bite the bullet and start experimenting.

It stirs up interest and makes you a more interesting candidate. And when you assume someone else has a life and is actually too busy to contact you that naturally makes you want them to contact you all the more, right?Make her feel a little needy and perhaps self-confident.That just means the ball will be in your court when that week is up and you make the call. These dating and relationship experts say you should wait a week to call her after your first date. I was a little surprised this their response but I guess it does make sense.

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However, if she just pulls her hand away but still stays close to you, the story is likely different. With this move you are taking the bull by the horns and there’s no turning back.

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