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We will take care of all poster design, printing and hanging, as well as local press releases, event calendars, and online social networks.

Keep in mind that we’ll do all we can to make the night a success, but your enthusiasm can make all the difference.

Things that will help to get our attention include: where else you’ve played in town, who you’ve played with, other bands your members have been in, and any other facts that will help us judge how many people you’ll bring into the venue.

Please send a link to websites or pages where we can stream your music (we love links to bandcamp and facebook).

You’ll be able to find this event through our website or Facebook page under “events” within a week of confirming the show.

Please use this event to invite your friends and fans, as “The Shakedown” page does not have the ability to “invite” people.

There will be no built in audience at The Shakedown, the people that come to the show will ONLY be there specifically to see you because they already know about you or the other bands you’re playing with. Once your show has been confirmed, please fill out our Confirmed Band Form.

Bellingham is an awesome place to play, though, please try other venues or house show spots in town, make friends with other bands and we hope to see you here in the future! When your show at The Shakedown has been confirmed, please send any details or information along with links to web addresses, press, and images that you would like included in promotion to [email protected]

It's also a great place too chill and meet friendly people.

All shows will start at 8pm on Sun-Wed, 9pm on Thur-Sat, unless otherwise noted. We will do our best to reserve a loading/unloading spot for bands in front of the venue, but if you find that none of the closest spaces are available, there is plenty of free parking up the block as well as to the left on Chestnut St.

We ask that the first and second bands play 25 to 35 minute sets unless other arrangements are made ahead of time. If you’re brave, you may want to double-park and unload quickly.


I'm pretty new here, been here 6 months, and just looking to get out and meet other singles.

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