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This Rabbi will then examine the color to determine if it is light enough for her to keep counting, or if it’s too dark or too red tinted such that she must begin counting the seven clean days over, even if it is day 7.

Seeing a spot obviously induces massive anxiety for housewives longing for any affection from their husbands, many of whom also worry that their deprived husbands will start looking elsewhere.

The white cloth is inserted into the vagina so that any fluid or discharge is absorbed.

I want to be your shiksa and your partner for life." Ms.

Mercado, 40, said that her late boyfriend had been "a kind soul" and that she believes his Jewish upbringing gave him a good character.

Adultery is defined by the marital status of the woman).

DOMINICK COPPOLA, 22, a real estate salesman from Brooklyn, is looking for a confident, intelligent and open-minded woman who shares his love of walks in the park, sushi and home cooking.

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