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However, there is still a strong shared culture within UW’s Greek community.

However, if the lines are blurred and there is sexual pressure, fraternity formals can be very stressful for anyone involved.

Another sorority member said, “I've been to multiple formals where the boy has showed us our room and I felt like I couldn't say that I wanted to sleep with my friends.

Especially when they buy the alcohol for the night, you feel like you owe them something or are obligated to sleep with them.” We asked several fraternity brothers if they expect a sexual interaction when they ask someone to formal one fraternity brother said, “Unless like it is predetermined that we are going as just friends I kind of hope that something does happen.

For example, sororities have a live-in “house mother” who makes sure sisters aren’t bringing boys to the house while fraternities have no such supervisor.

Additionally, while the trademark of fraternities is their in-house parties, the governing body of the 26 major sororities in the U. — the National Panhellenic Conference — bans sororities from consuming alcohol in their houses.

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