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A forensic accounting investigation aids the victims of fraud or financial crimes.Also known as financial investigation, this kind of analysis uses intelligence-gathering techniques, accounting, business, and communication skills to provide evidence to attorneys involved in criminal and civil investigations.They keep detailed logs and write reports about what they find.Attention to detail is critical, because a single mistake can cause the evidence to be thrown out of court.Be sure any program you choose is accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).A master’s degree in forensic science is usually required in order to advance as a forensic biologist in a crime laboratory.They also look into insurance claims and high payouts.Forensic accounting services can include: Computer investigations are similar to electronic discovery (or e-discovery).

Forensic computer investigations can find information on cell phones and hard drives including emails, browsing history, downloaded files, and even deleted data.These forensic investigations recover data from computers and hard drives to solve a crime or find evidence of misconduct.Computer investigators can uncover things like sale of black market goods, fraud, and sex trafficking.Forensic archaeology focuses on human remains that are severely decomposed.They mainly focus on clues they can glean from the bones, including carbon dating to determine their age.

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