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If you’re new to Australia and are trying to create your own social circle, getting involved in community groups and using sites like e Harmony can be a good way to start.You can also involve your friends and family, who can provide assistance and support.As a norm, the couple will not be left alone with each other during this first home visit, because formal introductions to family members are done, which may be performed by the "tulay". During this preliminary evaluation period, the Filipino woman will either deny her feelings (or the absence of feelings for the suitor) and avoids her admirer, or does not become angry because of the teasing and encourages the suitor instead.The suitor stops the courtship if he is quite sure that the woman does not reciprocate.Take that proactive step in setting up a profile, and search for fellow Filipinos who are looking for love.

Conservativeness, together with repressing emotions and affection, was inherited by the Filipino woman from the colonial period under the Spaniards, a characteristic referred to as the Maria Clara attitude.

The woman can also have as many suitors, from which she could choose the man that she finally would want to date.

Dating couples are expected to be conservative and not perform public displays of affection for each other.

The teasing is done by peers or friends of the couple being matched.

The teasing practice assists in discerning the actual feelings of the male and the female involved.

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From there you can share experiences, provide tips to others and immerse yourself in local community life.

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