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DON' T LET ANYONE FOOL ONE THAT WOMEN ABROAD ARE BETTER THAN WOMEN IN ONE' S OWN COUNTRY... NOW' S THAT' S DECEPTION (MORE THAN LIKELY THE MEN IN THE USA AT TIMES TREAT THE WOMEN HERE LIKE GARBAGE ALSO AS WELL) ... Me think you were going to say another comment other than midget because of this man with this Caucasian woman-JUST A HUNCH @Doug N-aka JUNIOR ON THIS SITE Grace NOT Wishes or Peace Was Required Thank you 1. Bucanneer That in spite of the disagreements you had the Courtesy and the Grace to answer my Questions as I sought to get to the bottom of all of this.

DON' T BE FOOLED THAT SO-CALLED HAPPY MOMENTS CAN' T LEAD TO SAD ONES LATER ON WITH UKRAINIAN WOMEN... You know you have riddled lies throughout your claims against Alex. Thank you for GRACE-even though your answers were still incomplete.

Despite life difficulties and hurry life rhythm, I still stay a person full of energy and shining optimism. I dream we could get the same life direction, to share our plans and intentions, and more over, our dreams and wishes.

I’m open hearted, kind, sympathetic, honest and gentle lady.

so here is the real truth, Alex runs a business but his business has the integrity value of the dating world keeping in mind the feelings and values of the people that use his services to find their other half.

Never did i feel on my trip being scammed nor being forced to go out on a date with a girl i did not want too.

TRUTH HAS SAID THAT THERE ARE 59.9 MILLION WOMEN IN AMERICA? THEN YOU DON' T KNOW AMERICA AND THAT IS A LOT OF WOMEN OUT THERE FRIEND. SEEMS LIKE EVERYONE IS DOING IT THESE DAYS THE REASON WHY YOU COULD NOT FIND ONE WAS THAT YOU DID NOT MAKE YOURSELF PRESENTABLE ENOUGH @ real_person-TRUTH HAS BEEN HERE FOR QUITE SOME TIME-PLEASE TRY AND GUESS HIS IDENTITY IF YOU CAN AND PLEASE ALSO DON' T THINK HE IS THE SAME PERSON ONE THING I CAN TELL YOU-IF YOU MAKE YOURSELF PRESENTABLE AND DECENT AND EXERCISE YOU CAN GET A WOMAN IN AMERICA ... I think it's best to swallow your pride, be honest and apologize to Alex. (I just wish you wouldn't feel the desire to SHOUT every word. ;) ;) Please understand that I have better things to do than this sort of online drama. I, merely, wanted to set the record straight about blatant lies regarding Alex. It was in fact inconsiderate, impolite and unappreciative to NOT answer my questions-it seems you do indeed have issues.


The global rank declined 352,995 positions versus the previous 3 months.

estimated website worth is US,246 (based on the daily revenue potential of the website over a 12 month period).

Mingle2is one of the top free online dating services to meet people from all over Poltava.

All I know it my story, I have been a member of the site dream marriage, for a year, and am now in Poltava to meet with a woman, sheis a good woman, I like her, she likes me and we are dating for two more weeks while I am here, anyway I hired a flat manage and driver/translator named Alex, and did not want to use DM interputers, do not trust them, had problems with that site, and even did tests to prove my point that there are a lot of women on that site that are not there for the right reasons, so when I told my girl, I had my own translator named Alex, she said, no way, I know this man and he is a crook and a bad man, but I have a friend that speaks a little English, we can use her, so we met, have been on two dates, and like each other, she is close to my age, and is very pretty, I asked her why she told me my alex was a pimp and she said everyone at DM knows of this crook and you should watch out for him, he will just take your money, I said, no, this is not the same Alex, they finally sent me the url for this site, and sure enough, this is not my Alex, and I told my girl this and we are all good now, but just think about this, this man, a man I have never met or know, or heard off, caused a problem in my meet and greet with my women from DM.

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Bucanneer, Truth Is Now Told, you can write all you want on here and call people names like school girls, but if you want to say something to me, ask me on Face Book, I won't respond to you here where you can hide who you are and continue to lie.

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