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This lifestyle means everything to me and after being destroyed by one Dom I'm ready for the real thing. I am willing to relocate and travel Hey guys we are a happy married couple seeking a Dom to teach us the ropes! I have little experience but I’m very eager to learn more about the lifestyle.

We would love to meet someone that is willing to teach us how to tie her up for sexual pleasure. I’m open to do LDR but would need someone who would take time to message me and make time for me as much as I would for them.

Limits: -Blood -Branding -Illegal stuff -Fisting -Other women -Needles -Being called, “Pig, fat, ugly, worthless” Feel free to message me :) ~Melody Seeking a strict Dom though caring and kind. I enjoy teasing and pushing back to get what I want... if you can make me feel little when you’re talking to me i love it.

I want to be punished and pushed to my breaking point.

I was looking at a few of the books you added and I was thinking you mistakenly added them...

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Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" I ♥ Bookie Nookie (bookienookiereviews.blogspot.com) wrote: "Does Pushing Limits have a fem Dom as a main character?

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A female dominant in a master/slave relationship is often termed a mistress.

i have been out of the lifestyle for about 3 years and i have realized that VANILLA IS A GROSS FLAVOR! I do speak my mind, I'm not looking to be controlled but rather someone who wants a relationship within this lifestyle. I’m a 19 year old submissive with “little” and “kitten” tendencies. So I would need someone that would let me have fun with that.

I have been in the lifestyle since i was 14 years old only having 1 true Dom and a lot of other fakes. I want to get on my knees for a dom that makes me feel so safe, sexy and wanted I forget everything but you. I'm okay with online but would prefer RL eventually. Someone willing to do age play at times as I've not been able to explore that side of my submission but also to engage in D/s. I’m looking to find and link up with an experienced dominant.

I love this lifestyle and think it’s such a unique way of being intimate with a trustworthy partner.

I’m looking for a Daddy Dom or just a regular Dom that is patient, has a sense of humor, is confident, and experienced.

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Im 23, i think the most comfortable im going is around 35 years old for my daddy. im done with the old me to the flames she goes and out the ashes I come.. It will be SO helpful, you'll understand just what I'm looking for, plus you can rule me out if I don't fit your needs.

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