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You feel like a couple and yet you have four different points of view and four different people’s stories to share.

Conversations on a double date can be a lot more fun for you and your partner, especially when you’re in a long relationship.

They may just not have anything interesting or exciting to discuss about when they go out on a romantic date, especially when they spend a lot of time together. The eagerness to dress up for a date too can start declining because these dates can start to feel like routine after a while.

By double dating, you can bring the excitement back into a date, dressing up, conversations et al.

You’d have company to cheer you on as you down a shooter, another couple to wink at while dancing, and safe company to look after you when you’re too drunk to drive back home.

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But if you’ve been together for a while, the only conversations that may trail for a while are ones that involve work, laundry, fancy china and lamp shades for the home that you see at the restaurant or bitching about other clumsy people eating in the restaurant. When you’re with another couple, you get to repeat happy stories about each other and have a laugh even if you’ve said the same joke a million times.

Learning from each other When you’re in a relationship, both of you are a perfect picture in a photo frame.

You look may lovely together, but you can’t really step out of the frame and see your own life.

The good side of double dating Firstly, there isn’t much of a bad side to double dating at all, as long as your double dating lovers are friends and both of you like spending time with them, without worrying about egos.

Interesting conversations Double dating can bring a fresh perspective to dating and dating conversations.

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