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They are a little bit of the same except Teen Dating is like the unmature way of relationships which sometimes you don't deal with the drama.Normal Dating is the serious mature way of a relationship and there can be lots of drama like divorce,fights,lots more than a teenage relationship.One could sign up at Free Dating or Northern Link in hopes of finding a match in the North West.That same year, Chanel appeared as Sheila in an episode of the MTV series The Hard Times of RJ Berger, marking her acting debut.Today, Chanel is 29 years old and makes decisions about her life pretty much by herself.She’s also been in the news lately for a few outbursts, but she’s taking it all in stride and her fans are sticking by her side. People are curious to know more about her and want to know, who is Chanel West Coast’s boyfriend?Teen dating is basically from the ages 13 to 17, a sort of dating relationship between teens that causes much drama (for the most part), working on finding the 'one' etc., if you're looking for what this category is for, here is a direct description of it: This topic includes questions about all the drama about teen dating and questions about how to deal with your feelings, such as falling in love with your best… besides if he was that would b sooooooooooooo weird cause an Alabama football player dating a Auburn Baton twirler, jeez, talk about drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be so weird I mean, an Alabama football player dating an auburn baton twirler, jeez, talk about drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Drama is believed to have begun with the ancient Greeks.

Chanel West Coast was born on September 1, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, the U. Her father was a DJ and he took her to nightclubs throughout the city as a child.Lil Wayne signed Chanel to his label Young Money Entertainment in 2012.She went on to release her mixtape Now You Know in 2013 featuring Snoop Dogg, French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, Robin Thicke and Honey Cocaine.Chanel and Horne started their romantic relationship in 2014 and soon were thrilling their fans by posting photos of their PDA and their vacations on Twitter and other social media accounts.They were both singers, so they collaborated on music and released several songs on which both of them had worked, like “Let the Money Fall.” Horne is younger than Chanel by seven years, but it didn’t seem to affect their relationship, and they seemed as happy as two love birds could be.

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