Difference between dating and a girlfriend

Nowadays, it feels as though the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” are thrown about, much like confetti at a kid’s birthday party.

Or, we have the starkly contrasting approach of those who have decided it’s better to “play it cool.” The ones who have adapted the mindset, as touted by prevalent popular culture, that developing or worse, showcasing feelings for someone is “weak” or “uncool.”We either cannot commit, or almost instantaneously slap arbitrary labels on our connection with another person, to my mind, without much depth of thought as to what makes it so.

It can also be the guy or girl in your circle of friends whom you make out with whenever drunk.

I know this will come as a great surprise to the thousands of people at Penn State who chanted his name, took pictures with his statue and wore t-shirts honoring him at Saturday’s game against Nebraska. For the uninitiated, USY (United Synagogues Youth) is a league for those not blessed with prototypical basketball height and skills.

Joe Paterno is not a king or an oracle or an earthbound deity. (Read: Jewish kids) At a shade over six feet tall, my buddy Mike and I were the “Twin Towers” of the league. We were no more or less important than the guys on the team whose parents had made them play just to get some exercise during the winter months. Feldman most for was something that few people even know.

All of that aside, many claim that the moment of affixing a label to their relationship is when it becomes “official.” However, does this really make such a difference? Aren’t there romantic partners who, without these labels, act far more loving, respectful, and committed than any number of people with them?

This happens frequently, if one merely surveys the relational landscape.

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