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aired last night on HBO, and we think everyone can agree that it did NOT disappoint!

We finally found out who kidnapped our beloved Vampire Bill, we got to see more of our favorite sass machine Pam, and as much as she pisses us off in real life, Evan Rachel Whore‘s Vampire Queen Sophie-Anne was back to bring some serious ferocity!

But in tank top and tight pants (which he's worn the last couple of weeks) he looks incredible with very big arms. And that she flew to Shreveport, Louisiana on Friday to visit him.

Also, the long hair was cropped short this season, which suits him much better. Skarsgard is there working on Straw Dogs with Kate Bosworth. Kate has a way of…[quote]Laneygossip saw some pictures on ERW fansite and created some bullshit story about their 'relationship'.

Whatever "it" is, he has it.[quote]I didn't understand how he didn't become a household name after Generation Kill.

"Evan" has never been on the list of names used in the regions where they're called "hurricanes", so there has never been a "Hurricane Evan". That was a fantastic series and he was awesome in it.Most people I've asked have never even heard of him.Rupert Everett back in the day would have been perfect.I find his performance in the HBO miniseries Generation Kill to be his finest work to date.

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Alexander Skarsgård - Hundtricket (The Dog Trick) Part 9 (Shower Scene) Hundtricket - The Dog Trick (2002) Swedish with English Subtitles Alexander Skarsgård in a romantic comedy starring as M... There have been rumors floating around the net about the two of them for weeks though, just from people who've seen them out and about in LA.

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