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It has three floors including an administrative office for his DB production, two bedrooms, and a small gym, He has also two houses.The first one is located in New York which has two bedrooms and one bathroom.David has performed so many tricks which he amazes his audience with his implausible and peculiar crafts.In the process, he has also broken a lot of world records.In 2003, he began another endurance stunt in which he was sealed in a transparent Plexiglas case by the River Thames in London for 44 days without food.

According to reliable sources, in 2013, the pictures of Blaine getting frisky with an unknown girl in a New Jersey nightclub went viral. As of now, the former couple is raising their daughter together but didn’t stay, they used to before.

At age 17, David Laine moved to Manhattan, New York and then he impressed people with his magic tricks including popular celebrities such as AI Pacino, David Geffen, and Mike Tyson.

Blaine made his first TV appearance on ABC’s shoe In 1999, Blaine made his first endurance and buried himself alive underground in a glass coffin underneath a water-filled tank for a week, luckily he survived.

She was a school teacher while his dad worked as a veteran.

He attended Passaic Valley Regional High School after he relocated with his mom to Little Falls.

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