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Each of them responded that they actively try to make and briefly maintain eye contact with the single men in their vicinity.When eye contact is made and briefly held, they will offer a smile and then avert their eyes back to the task at hand.I decided to ask the single women who recommended the mens department and the grocery store what unspoken cues they may be offering to let single men know they are interested in being approached.In other words, how do men know its safe to strike up a conversation?If he has a nice bottle of red wine tucked away near the corn chips and summer sausage, he may be a keeper.entire living rooms and coffee shops that cater to the people who want to read in a crowd.A lot of single men hang out in bookstores not only to read, but to meet single women who actually like to read as well.

Your insight has motivated me to go a little bit deeper in my research. I finally decided to conduct some research to shed light on the whereabouts of the elusive single male and to increase my chances of finding a date for Saturday night. Think about it, what one finds in the mens department are men and lots of them. Go to the mens section at major department stores such as Nieman Marcus, Grocery Stores. Look for the man who has a few items in his cart, looks somewhat confused at the vegetable stand but has plenty of cheese doodles. I picked up this tip from the book How to Shop for a Husband by Janice Lieberman.As a single woman, I can only hope this research will reveal answers that I can apply to my own life and freely share with others. D., is director of Aura Transformation, a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, emotional and social intelligence, masculinity, relationships, and researcher, author, and global educator. Information on this website may not be copied, reprinted, or redistributed without express written consent.

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It is that curiosity that has led me to My Single Space.

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