Dating wopmen with long hair

Red hair is one of the most requested hair colors with good reason.

This long red look can be achieved with some color and lightly layered side-swept bangs.

It is beautiful, easy to manage, and frames the face which is important if you work with others a lot.

Creative color and parting of the hair contribute to the volume while glossy color and highlights make this a hairstyle that you cannot ignore.

Carefully placed custom highlights add an edginess and fashion-forward style you have to love. The layers add volume while the bangs draw attention to the eyes.

If you want a super cut face-framing cut that flatters then ask your stylist to leave longer layers in the front and shorter in the back. If you are lucky enough to have thick hair, then this is a cut that can emphasize the beauty of your hair while allowing for manageability.

Lots of layers and elegance are characteristic of this style.Side swept bangs make it look like you put more effort into this medium length hairstyle than you did.Short curls have a lot of style and are very feminine.Oval-faced ladies can get away with a long and straight look.Just make sure that length is not so great that it makes your face look too long.

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But then Page says, most people have no idea what the best way is.

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