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Baseball Friends date is the ultimate singles community for Baseball lovers.Best of all, you don’t even need to pay a penny at the Baseball dating site, it’s all free!I tend to tell the guys I got out with how much I like baseball, and it's like they don't really notice until we start going out for a while then suddenly it's a problem.I feel like Jimmy Fallon's character from fever pitch -- without all the crazy home decor. to talk about baseball but are having trouble finding guys into it??? ;)As another lady baseball fan, it's ridiculous how tough it can be to find guys who are as into baseball as I am sometimes.

Playing or watching a game of baseball, enjoying the World Series, exchanging baseball cards, or just casually hanging out and talking about baseball-related topics.I seem to not find very many guys that are into baseball, they'll come to a game or two -- but apparently I talk too much baseball when they do.How do you go to games with people who don't care for baseball much (and are more in the going to hang out and have some beers type) ? I thought mainly of my deceased grandfather, a born-and-raised Chicago South Sider, brilliant lawyer, devoted family man and die-hard fan who had to be dragged from Wrigley Field by his best man on his wedding day. How will I convey that I’m not simply jumping on the bandwagon? If I were a man, would I ever feel dumb for wanting to express unadulterated joy about my sports team? So, on November 3rd, 2016 at approximately a.m., when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series after a virtual lifetime of being branded the lovable losers (they hadn’t won a championship since 1908 — that’s before television, the Titanic and the admission of Oklahoma to the Union), I absolutely lost it. Do I use exclamation points or keep it somber for impact? The picture I was about to post is of me, as a six-year-old, freaking out at a Cubs game. Was I really debating how much my level and sincerity of fandom would be scrutinized?

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