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Norwegians boast one of the highest levels of English that I’ve encountered.Unlike many other countries, you can simply stick to your normal way of speaking, including humor and whit, without having to change your way of speaking including speaking slower or dumbing down sentences.Generally, the faces are a bit more round and have a very soft and gentle look.On average, the local Norwegian women have athletic and muscular bodies, and can appear to have a few extra pounds on their build.

The safest bet for warm weather would be the end of May in to September.Norwegian women are famous for their beauty, and Oslo will offer endless opportunities to pick one up during your visit.Let’s take a closer look at the capital, and what it has to offer: Attractiveness of local women: 4/5 Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3.5/5 Logistics: 4/5 Cost: 2/5 English Levels: 4.5/5 This is Scandinavia – it’s blistering cold during the winter months.Museums: Viking Ship Museum, Natural History Museum, Fram Museum, National Gallery Oslo is a very walkable city, and its not necessary in most cases to use public transportation to get around.Taxis can be very expensive, and you want to avoid using them at all cost unless it’s a must.

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