Dating whitall tatum glass insulators

private issue pieces resemble a tall version of a CD 102.

One color per year, over a five year period, starting in 1994.

They are embossed on the skirt, No 2 Columbia and L.

They are a private issue piece resembling a small version of a CD 269 Earred Jumbo.

A fairly recent batch of Hemingray CD 154 style miniatures were produced in the last couple of years.

Not easily confused with the real thing, they only stand about an inch tall.

Industrial Co., Number 8, private issue pieces were made in Korea as an advertising give-away for the Village Telephone Service in Arizona in the 1970's.Most common are those of clear or aqua glass; most desirable are the threadless types made from 1850 to 1870.Most insulators are made of glass or pottery.https://The one in the center of the picture is a inverted CD 155 with a pedestal base (its pictured upside down).Others claim they were a game piece from a board game.

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eid=518330 Whitall Tatum was purchased by Armstrong Cork Company in 1938.

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