Dating telling her how you feel

This might just work in the movies but I can pretty much guarantee you it’s NOT going to work in real life.

Sure you might think putting it all out there on the table is a wise-owl move but it’s not.

It really doesn’t matter whether or not it’s going to work between the two of you.

What matters is that you’ve told her you want to be more than friends and if she feels the same you move forward.

If she doesn’t feel the same you need to reassure her, no matter how much it might hurt, that you understand and accept if she doesn’t feel the same.

Trust me…The worst thing you can do is try and force a one-sided relationship…just don’t! Yes, having a few drinks in you will loosen you up and sometimes trigger verbal diarrhea.

Make sure you are specific and give her a time and a date, don’t be wishy washy, according to experts at If she wants more make sure you make it official with a special date out together. If you are dishing out money you’re communicating to her that you are desperate for her attention and love and she can use you however she’d like to – Eek! But it’s not the best route to tell a gal you’ve got your eye on her.

It really is easy peasy to win her heart; don’t make it complicated. If this girl you like has no idea you exist, don’t blindside her with it! This isn’t the best route to win her over, trust me. If she knows she has you wrapped around her finger, you are in serious trouble dude. ” If you try and get someone else to tell her you like her, you’re just going to freak her out and scare her away. It’s okay to drink and have some fun but don’t spoil the moment by getting all serious on her.

This one might seem a little silly on the surface but it’s totally not.This route is going to backfire big-time on you and you’ll be left feeling like a dork and you won’t get the girl.The only time you should get all serious emotionally is if you’re already in a relationship where trust has been established.That means you are on board with your communication and it’s time to open up a little more.Ask Men relationship experts agree it’s tough to tell a hottie you want to be more than friends, agreed?

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