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Mauritania became a nation after the destruction of the kingdoms of Fouta Toro and Walo Walo and the Arab-Berber emirats of Trarza, Brakna, Taganet, and Adrar.As a result, the country has two main ethnic groups: black Africans and Arab-Berbers.The terrain consists of a plateau with vast sand dunes.The climate is hot and dry with frequent sandstorms.The black African group includes the Fulani, Soninke, and Bambara.The Maurs include the Arab-Berbers (Beydan) and the black Maurs known as Haratin.A place of eerily empty streets that have been chiselled and chipped by the winds, it was once an important trading stopover between the Med in the north and sub-Sahara in the south.Today, it draws some of the country’s biggest crowds, who flock to wonder at the brick-built towers and the old fortresses of the Berber tribes and Almoravids dating all the way back to the Middle Ages.

In the southern region, most people engage in agriculture and livestock raising.

Hopefully one day the cautions will clear, and the sweeping Saharan dunes and the fringes of the Sahel will once more be on the traveler’s map. Well because they bring with them the old Berber settlements of the desert, topped with ancient sandstone mosques and adobe villages now turned ghost towns.

Because there are cities like Nouakchott and the throbbing fish markets within to explore.

Because there are some of Africa’s most impressive arrays of birdlife just waiting to be seen along the salty edges of the Banc d’Arguin.

Because there are wild desert plateaux to see, and earthy camel trading towns of centuries gone by. Lets explore the best places to visit in Mauritania: Chinguetti literally emerges from the shifting sand dunes of the mighty Sahara (the hills of dust that surround this one have been encroaching and encroaching for decades, and have even claimed some of the residential areas on the edge of the settlement).

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